Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breakfast Jejawi- a popular morning gathering spot

Situated beside main federal road from Kangar to Arau, Al-Saggof Corner is one of the favourite morning restaurant for the people of Perlis who stay at Jejawi, Kangar, Arau or the nearby area.

It is a dynamic restaurant I may say as the stalls of food offer 'roti Jala & 'roti Arab'', 'Nasi Lemak', 'Nasi Kandar' and 'roti canai'. There is also a small pick up truck which sells grocery things including newspapers.

It opens from 6 am till 1 pm. Another speciality for those who come here for breakfast is 'teh halia' or ginger tea, marvellous! Don't miss 'em.

Casual environment, creative in arranging the plant pots.

The stall of 'pulut ayam' and 'nasi lemak' as seen from the main road

The small grocery on a mini pick up truck- fulfills the needs of customers.

The friendly manager is on duty at the cashier.

As seen in the picture, if you are late, then your list of order may be limited....

Crowded of loyal customers, the owner, En Syed Mohd b Syed Shaikh al-Saggoff welcomes alls.

The address is:

No 43, Pekan Jejawi, 02600,

Jalan Besar Arau-Kangar, Perlis

or you may call 012-4379494 for further enquiries.

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