Monday, March 5, 2012

Moments at Phuket, Thailand via Perlis, Malaysia

Patong beach- clean, crystal clear and shallow water- preoccupied laying on the benches watching the children play in the water...

The hotel was saved by the concrete wall during the tsunami 2004.

Walking down the Patong beach by the Muslim cemetery on left side.

Sail for island hopping- we can choose to start from any location in Phuket. For us it is cheaper to take off from Phang Nga which is 90 km from Phuket.

Phanyee (Panjee) Island at the back- the islands here are in the form of limestone as such of Langkawi archipelago. It forms a unique standing tall island.

At the bridge connecting the Continental of Asia and Phuket Island (short bridge not like Penang's)

The operator of Kokchang Safari - for those who wants to ride elephant.

Elephant riding, a very good experience and we could feel how gentle elephants walk us from one point to another, routing a narrow track.

Karon view point, where the visitors won't miss the photo taking.

Another view point, the municipal here keeps the 'tai' tree in the family of palm tree, where it has extincted in most area in Perlis, Malaysia.

Late evening at Kamala beach, another good location for beautiful beaches- at far, two cruises set sail close to the bay.

A Thai Muslim (couldn't speak malay) tries to sell a traditional Thai food, made of glutinous rice. A perfect food for our journey hopping from one island to another.

A floating and unique seafood restaurants for tourists and located hideously among the islands

Our boat sails under a sea cave in one of the island.


This is a famous place in Phang Nga, famous with its caves, many cave sign posts by the road, we have to find the right one which is this, the one we can drive into the cave as you can see at far left.

Still at Phang Nga caves, we can walk through the cave and the track is also clean and beautiful. But shorter and less thrill than Gua Kelam, Kaki Bukit, Perlis.

Here is the famous drive-thru cave in Phang Nga.

Then from Phang Nga, we drove back to Malaysia, but we only managed to arrive at Hatyai at around 3 am. But don't imitate us, we have to risk ourselves with Thai police roadblock on the highway early in the morning, you should better find hotel at Phattalung for safety and rest. But if we did so, we have to spend another day in Thailand.

Hope if you want to drive to Phuket, make Perlis as a transit, and you can reduce the travel distance of almost 100km if you enter Thailand via Wang Kelian, Perlis- Satun-Phattalung-Krabi-Phang Nga- Phuket.

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