Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blooming Chrysanthemum - in Perlis's hot weather

As October fades away- the rainy season has cold down the temperature. The garden at KTH Guesthouses has welcoming the debut of our experimenting chrysanthemum flowers. It is a miraculous where they produce flourishing buds.

Our guests who have stayed with us during this time can see the blooming chrysanthemum and enjoy 'kedondong' and 'Kasturi' lemon fruits, peppermint herb and others here at KTH homestays and Guesthouses.
The mini red chrysanthemum- easily grown and easily producing buds

After waiting for quite long time- at last it gives full blooms and many buds are waiting.

Big buds waiting to bloom

The corner of chrysanthemum- plan to enhance the choice of theme plant for the Guesthouses.

The blue flowers give the combination background- they produce strong aromatic smell - yet still we don't know the specific name of the blue flower..

The yellow chrysanthemum has produced very flourishing flower petals 
The heavily flowers pull the stem and make it slanting...

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