Friday, November 23, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh - In the train

Here are the pictures of what we have done in the train from Arau, Perlis to Bangkok, Thailand. A very, very, time consuming journey.

A pillow at the end of the upper bed and attached with a dim light and a knitting pocket- it is cool, isn't it? Good for the novel addicts

All of us are preparing for the long night wait in the train - wash feet before going to sleep.- every compartment is covered by a mini curtain, it is convenient to cover our sleeping style from other passengers.
This is the picture of the next morning- see how they keep back the bed and the bed is turned back to seats.- Another 5 more hour to Bangkok

The typical view upon reaching Bangkok- vast paddy field.

At the train canteen

A funny instruction- but they have tried at least

A few train stations in the journey- to drop and to pick up the passengers.

The town by the railway- I am not sure the name of the town.
Waaah.. at last, we reached Bangkok at the next day noon.

The Bangkok Train Station welcomes you- the tourist polices are very helpful and they can speak English too.
How Bangkok train station looks like and how we travel to the Thailand and Cambodia International border- keep up with the post- and thank you for supporting our blog/ website- come and stay with us...

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