Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh - Bangkok to Aranyaprathet

Aranyaprathet, Thailand is like Padang Besar, Malaysia. It is an international border town connecting Poipet of Cambodia. It was the town that had ever witnessed the cruelty of Khmer Rouge regime.

During the chaos- it received thousands of war refugees and these thousand refugees were given a shelter in Thailand.

The town of Aranyaprathet is now one of the best places to shop in Thailand. It has thousands of shops or bazaars owned by either Thais or Cambodians (I am not sure about this, even the Pakistanis are seen here setting up shops).

The emblem of Bangkok Railway to mark that we have arrived here.

A typical picture of the passenger who are waiting for their train- The Thais mainly proud of their country's public transportation.

The Bangkok Railway Station building.

'Musolla' room is provided by the Bangkok Railway Station
The signboard of the prayer room- unexpected for the non-muslim country

The bus that will fetch us to the Thai-Cambodia border town- Aranyaprathet
An Audi sport-car, caught our attention in Bangkok City centre.

R & R for the long and quite journey to Cambodia

Insect snack- fried with chilli and a few herbs- yummy if it were to be replaced by shrimps  

Numerous 'double A' heavy vehicles could be seen on the road- then we realize that there are 'paper' trees planted on the left and right side of the road- as they claim - to make good use of the unused land.

Taking a closer look at the 'paper' timber on their way to the nearby 'Double A' factory.
Another 'paper' truck parked by the road side.

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