Friday, January 4, 2013

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh- Cambodia

The road has been upgraded- but mostly still dirt

The signboard shows the distance of important city
Vast paddy field

Traditional village- typically has white cows and stacks of grass

Means of transportation

The traditional khmer house- to encounter frequent flood

Siem Reap- second largest city and nested Tonle Sap (the largest freshwater lake in SEA) and Angkor Wat (the largest Hindu temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world built in 12 century)
A typical school in rural Cambodia

Stop a while- for refreshment at Kampong Thom Town

Insect snack- what flavour do you want- hot and spicy? You'll already have butterflies in your stomach..

Arrive at Kampong Spue in the district of Kampong Cham- a half-day journey (our final destination).
The signboard at the entrance of the mosque

The locals, from all walks of life come to greet us at the mosque

The coconut trunks cut nicely- catch our camera

The village life of Champa people

The free time was used to stroll around the local wet market

The things which are sold in the market- fire starter- can you believe it? I thought they are a kind of  edible roots 

Salted caviar

The vegetable that smell like coriander and eaten with beef soup

The fresh and natural snack for the children (eaten like pistachios or popcorn) - salted and spiced small snails
Local Cambodian cucumber- short but full of nutrient- used by us the travelers as a remedy of body hot and stomach ache.
We stop for sugar cane drinks- quite unique- it tastes lemon- then we learn that the hawker soaks the peeled sugar cane in lemon juice before squeezing for juice. 

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