Friday, January 11, 2013

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh- Kampong Spue 200km from Phnom Penh

This is our final destination in Cambodia- a Champa village in Wilayah Kampong Cham, specifically known as Kampong Spue. It is inhibited by approximately 500 families. Very far behind the modern life in Malaysia, but this has exposed good experience to the Malaysian youths who joined the volunteer program. Some young volunteers told that their foster families' house don't have basic amenities such as electricity and treated water supply. Here are the story and the pictures:-

Taking picture with the children- the Perlis youth volunteers

The unfortunate family who live in this house- the wall is see-thru...

Learning Champa language from the girls - it is quite different from the Khmer language which is the formal language of Cambodia- The Champa Language has the roots of old Malay Language- such as Laksa = old Malay  Language for Thousand (they are using it in counting thousands of  Riel (Cambodia currency) )

The Champa girls in traditional dress come to observe telematch organized by the Malaysian youth volunteers.
Taking picture with the Champa children after the telematch
The news as it is in the homeland - a journalist is in our team who email the news to the publisher

Telematch among the Champa children- it's really fun and reducing the gap among the volunteers and the locals

Distributing sweets and candies to the Champa Children

Interviewing 'Pak Long' who survived Pol Pot massacre - he refuged to Kelantan Malaysia- and during Aidiladha this year he comes back to visit his mother and few war surviving relatives.

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