Monday, July 8, 2013

Johor Port Authority sport team fishes eels at Mata Ayer, Perlis?

This posting will introduce an 'exploration' made by the Johor Port Authority sport teams of SUKANUN at KTH Homestay, Mata Ayer. It was discovered by themselves who are also expert in identifying the fresh water eels' holes by the small stream at the end of the 'Kampung Sungai Mati, just by 'Kampung Hutan Temin' (where KTH homestay situated).

The people who live around this village are not used to fish eels but some of us do eat eels in few dishes. This activity had been their own initiative to kill the time in fun way while waiting for their games. FYI, they stayed with us for 8 days and seemed that they enjoyed here.

Official vehicles of Johor Port Authority.

One of the eel caught, in the water bucket place by the swimming pool.

Preparing the hook, after tying the small hook to the fishing line, prick the earthworm to a coconut leaf midrib

Walk on the small stream bank to search for the eel pits.

Got one pit! You have to flutter the midrib that has the hook at the end of it, inside the pit to attract the eel inside it.

Ahaa... this brother has got one.

Pull out carefully, you won't let the catch get away, will you?

Here is the eel, blurr picture because of the rapid motion.

What a good catch, the other colleague at the background is hoeing the earth for the bait.

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