Friday, December 21, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh- Entering Poipet, Cambodia

Early dawn- we walked towards the international border gate

Stuck here- waiting for the passport clearance and the gate to be open

Posing with the locals who do business by towing the cart with full of supplies for the 'buffer zone' town

The gate to Cambodia- here we are after stamping our passport at Thailand Immigration

If you were to travel in Cambodia& you need assisstant

This is what I call 'Buffer Zone' town - full with casinos and hotels- located in between Thailand & Cambodia border.

The real Cambodia- a socialist country- big roundabout and the people who seek job loafing around

Here we are- before getting lifted by a chartered bus for Kampong Champa- our last destination 

A first building sight in inner Cambodia

More picture of Inner Cambodia- Siem Reap (second largest city) and the Champa Muslim settlements in the next post.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh- Aranyaprathet, Thailand & Poipet, Cambodia

Travelling in double-decker express bus- comfortable and very spacious  

Arrived at Aranyaprathet, Thailand

We stayed at a budget hotel which is by the main road.

Guess how much the rate of the hotel?- 360 baht- including wifi

The hotel as seen from the main road from Bangkok- further- Poipet, Cambodia.
Aranyaprathet mega bazaar- consist of the Thais and Cambodians bussinesses

We have to rent buggy car (golf car) to stroll around- it is very big- the cost of buggy car - 300 baht.

The shops are everywhere

The goods are mostly bundle goods and sold at very cheap price

Immitation smart phone- Samsung Galaxy Note for example, you can get at just 2000- 3000 baht

Various fruits and nuts

Bed sheets, blanket etc - still beautiful and cheap.

This Cambodian girl can speak English quite well- as she sells leather belt- the price- 100 baht

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh - Bangkok to Aranyaprathet

Aranyaprathet, Thailand is like Padang Besar, Malaysia. It is an international border town connecting Poipet of Cambodia. It was the town that had ever witnessed the cruelty of Khmer Rouge regime.

During the chaos- it received thousands of war refugees and these thousand refugees were given a shelter in Thailand.

The town of Aranyaprathet is now one of the best places to shop in Thailand. It has thousands of shops or bazaars owned by either Thais or Cambodians (I am not sure about this, even the Pakistanis are seen here setting up shops).

The emblem of Bangkok Railway to mark that we have arrived here.

A typical picture of the passenger who are waiting for their train- The Thais mainly proud of their country's public transportation.

The Bangkok Railway Station building.

'Musolla' room is provided by the Bangkok Railway Station
The signboard of the prayer room- unexpected for the non-muslim country

The bus that will fetch us to the Thai-Cambodia border town- Aranyaprathet
An Audi sport-car, caught our attention in Bangkok City centre.

R & R for the long and quite journey to Cambodia

Insect snack- fried with chilli and a few herbs- yummy if it were to be replaced by shrimps  

Numerous 'double A' heavy vehicles could be seen on the road- then we realize that there are 'paper' trees planted on the left and right side of the road- as they claim - to make good use of the unused land.

Taking a closer look at the 'paper' timber on their way to the nearby 'Double A' factory.
Another 'paper' truck parked by the road side.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh - In the train

Here are the pictures of what we have done in the train from Arau, Perlis to Bangkok, Thailand. A very, very, time consuming journey.

A pillow at the end of the upper bed and attached with a dim light and a knitting pocket- it is cool, isn't it? Good for the novel addicts

All of us are preparing for the long night wait in the train - wash feet before going to sleep.- every compartment is covered by a mini curtain, it is convenient to cover our sleeping style from other passengers.
This is the picture of the next morning- see how they keep back the bed and the bed is turned back to seats.- Another 5 more hour to Bangkok

The typical view upon reaching Bangkok- vast paddy field.

At the train canteen

A funny instruction- but they have tried at least

A few train stations in the journey- to drop and to pick up the passengers.

The town by the railway- I am not sure the name of the town.
Waaah.. at last, we reached Bangkok at the next day noon.

The Bangkok Train Station welcomes you- the tourist polices are very helpful and they can speak English too.
How Bangkok train station looks like and how we travel to the Thailand and Cambodia International border- keep up with the post- and thank you for supporting our blog/ website- come and stay with us...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arau Bangkok Siem Reap Phnom Penh

 On 23rd October 2012- a team of youths under Malaysia Youth Council- Perlis division and supported by the Malaysia's Ministry of Youth and Sports which consists about 44 of us (the volunteers from variuos NGOs) including the Director of Youth and Sports Department, Tuan Haji Ariff were in the mission to visit Kampong Spue, about 200 km from the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. 

Here is the the beginning of the picture records of the long, exhausted and time consuming journey by land- first time ever being done by any charity volunteers from Malaysia- tracking back how (Khmer Rouge and Vietnam Invading) Cambodian  war refugees found Malaysia via land journey in the 70's.

A board which contains the information that all the train passengers' need
Photo session prior-departure at Arau, Perlis Train Station
The train stop at Padang Besar for Passport Checking & Stamping by both Countries' Immigrations and Customs

Tickets checking by the Thai's Train Company
The bed preparation was done by a professional steward - a very skillful & fast job

The ticket from Arau, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand, inspect the fare (the lower bed cost higher- often sold out) and the time of departure & arrival

This is how it looks like when you are on the upper bed
 We arrived at Bangkok Train Station the next day of 24th October 2012- what a long journey- but a lot of experience you can gain in such a plenty time - of almost 18 hours.

The story will be continued in several posts- wait for the updates....

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