Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rock climbing guests...(Bukit Keteri Rock Climbing)

The beginning of 2010 AD, we are proud to host a team of extreme sport lovers as our guest. Miss Lai, is the one who found us for the lodging. She came along with the team of 4 cars for the activity and instead of staying in hotel, they chose guest house concept for lodging. The Mata Ayer Homestay is the perfect place for them, it seemed to be, since it can accomodate big number of occupants at affordable price.

The spot of rock climbing is not far from Mata Ayer Homestay, and of course Kg. Kersik Homestay is the nearest among all. I am sure that many Perlis people are also do not notice such the good place for rock climbing activities ever exist there at Bukit Keteri. It is less than 15 kilometres from the homestay/ guest house.

Miss Lai, in purple shirt is waiting for the group to line up for photo taking in front of the homestay/ guest house.

Here are the 14 gorgeous climbers, multiple nationality.

The team members are packing for Hadyai trip after check out.
For the rock climbing activity at Bukit Keteri, Perlis, click here


  1. Thumbs up! We are grateful for the accomodation. A very nice place to stay with basic facilities like washing machine and fridge to keep our drinks cold :) Rooms are spacious and clean. Recommended for any group that wishes to stay in Perlis!


  2. yes, Thank you Asli. Hopefully we can see again in the future and climbing at kateri very soon...^^...

    Highly recommend your homestay to my frens ^^


  3. Peace be upon u all, thanks alot for the compliment, yeah, we expect the best for the guests and we keep on improving the facilities. We also try to update this blog from time to time and grateful indeed to hear that you (Miss Lai and the 'Geng') were comfortable. Extra thanks for the recommendation to your friends.
    with best regards to Cicak and Miss Lai...

    Mohd Asri and Siti Hajar


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