Monday, May 3, 2010


We are learnt that Perlis will be the host for Chess MSSM 2010 tournament on 6-11 june 2010. We would like to welcome all teams. In conjunction with the event, we are expecting guests to benefits with our service.

For extra fun, we would offer the guests as below:-

1. A visit to grape vineyard
- We will set up date and time with the owner of the vineyard, the guests can visit at his place in groups.

2. To buy Harum Manis Manggo (the most exotic Manggo breed, only appear from April to June every year, only produced in Perlis)
- We will try to book the manggo for the guest, provided they inform us earlier and the stock of the fruits is available.
-FIY this year's produce is quite unstable that many producer couldn't fulfill most of the order.

Further Info about the tournament MSSM 2010 click here

and GiloCatur's blog click here

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